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Managing a fleet, or even the concerns of a single vessel, can present enormous challenges to shipping operations. Meeting regulations, ensuring compliances, and running finances, procurements and human resources: these tasks can all be taken care of for you, by ShipShore Management.




Fleet management

Fleet management - navigation operations

With our fleet operation centre, we have the hardware and infrastructure on hand to keep track on your ships, the loads, the fuel levels, safety checks, maintenance records, and the human resources, so that your company can concentrate on winning its next shipping contract, without worrying about the day-to-day operations of its fleet.

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Port and itinerary preparation

Dock supervisor communication to cargo ship

Docking in port takes planning, and it requires coordination. Finding the right docking dates and the right destinations for your shipping consignment, planning the loading and unloading, and ensuring each load complies with the customs regulations of each port your ship will visit. We will take are of this for you.

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Delivery to cargo ship

In the shipping industry, procurement is not as straightforward as elsewhere. You vessel may not be due to dock in its home country for several months. With our contacts around the world, and combined experience in this field, if your ships require supplies, parts, or repairs, we will arrange for this to happen for the best possible price.

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life ring on cruise ship

Finding the insurance that is cost-effective, and covers your shipping for all possible eventualities can be very challenging. Performing this task diligently and effectively can save your business an immense amount, and increase your profit margins accordingly.


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lady at computer doing accounting

As a sustainable shipping management team, ShipShore also covers all aspects of your finances. From payroll to tax returns, and ensuring these comply with the regulations of your ship’s flag, Shipshore Management have the accounting staff, the software, and the experience to help your business keep on top of this vital aspect of shipping.


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Ship compliance

men at shipping dock

Avoiding costly fines and delays is crucial to running a successful shipping business. Different nations, states, ports, and islands may have varying different regulations, for various reasons of health and safety, quarantine, culture, or taxation, and some of these may be very strictly enforced, which can cost shipping businesses millions. Keeping track of all the possible jurisdictions on a ship’s itinerary, and making sure it is compliant in all of them is something that comes naturally to our professional team.

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Crewing and training

crew onboard ship bow

Making sure your ship has the staff it needs is vital for any operation. Staff shortages can cause unexpected delays and jeopardise the profitability of an entire journey. ShipShore runs the Excellence Maritime Academy, which carries out maritime training, and supplies crew to shipping worldwide, and can cover you for all staffing shortages that you may run into.

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Asset management

meeting tablet closup

For a large shipping company, keeping track of assets, and ensuring they do not become liabilities, can be quite a challenge. Buildings, stock, right-of-ways, licences, human resources, and indeed the ships themselves, should be audited regularly, to ensure the business is getting the most out of its investments.

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Claims management

claims management meeting hands of men

Handling insurance claims, and claims against the company itself may be time-consuming and a potential legal minefield. Having experienced marine consultants looking after this aspect of your business will save your operations both time and expenses in the long term.

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Drydocking and project management

ship in dry dock

Arranging ship repairs and refurbishment is an undertaking that deserves the utmost consideration. It requires a great amount of organisation between shipyards, contractors, owners, and managers. As a sustainable shipping management company, ShipShore will ensure your re-fits and repairs are carried out to the highest standards, ensuring compliance with all regulations.

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Contact ShipShore to arrange an initial consultation about your shipping management operations, and we can arrange a bespoke service that will match your requirements.

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