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The Excellence Maritime Academy is a brand new maritime training centre based in Liverpool, and operating on-board a ship. If you are looking for a career in the maritime industry, geared towards eventually captaining a vessel, Excellence Maritime Academy is always on the lookout for promising, dedicated, and professional recruits.


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Officer of the Watch (over 500 gross tons)

Our 100 day course will be thorough and extensive, and enable you to be fully prepared for the exam to acquire this much sought-after qualification. This will allow you to take charge of the navigation of a ship over 500gross tons, a substantial vessel. You will begin by learning the theory, before familiarising yourself with all the navigational tools you’ll be required to use on a typical shipping detail. Learning how to read navigational charts, tidal diagrams, and make the correct decisions based on limited information. We will ready you for the final exam, after which you will be as ready as any seafaring veteran. To check eligibility please contact us.

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Courses and apprenticeships for all aspects of seafaring

If you are looking for a new career, adventures in many different countries, and secure employment, the shipping industry might just be for you. Being at sea is not for everyone, but if you can handle our training courses held on-board our training ship as it navigates the Irish Sea, you’ll be ready for anything. We offer courses in logistics, hospitality, catering, nautical mechanics, and goods handling.

Embark on a new career with the Excellence Maritime Academy.


Crewing your vessels with capable, seaworthy staff

The challenge today is that increasing shipping trade and growth merchant fleets has created a big gap in the availability of well-trained seafarers. At ShipShore we invest in training to create sustainable seafaring staffing solutions for shipping worldwide.

Seafarer retention is today paramount for good crew management, and by provision of good human resources services, excellent working conditions, and an attractive employment scheme, ShipShore is able to achieve a very high retention rate among seafaring businesses. ShipShore offer a comprehensive range of crew management services that are tailored to each client’s requirements.

With an experienced, professional workforce spread across its network, ShipShore is well positioned to meet and excel today's client's needs.


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 To hire staff for your fleet or shipping vessel, email the Excellence Maritime Academy at





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