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ShipShore Group provide fleet management, crew training, and also operate cruises to the Arctic and Antarctic. With our wealth of experience and infrastructure, we are well-placed to deliver full maritime management services for all kinds of maritime fleets and shipping.

We provide technical management, marine consultancy, training, and auditing for maritime businesses to ensure smooth running of your ships and vessels. We also make sure that all shipping procedures, vessel performances, and finances are compliant, sustainable, and world class.

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For us, safety is not just a word, but a priority. It is the way we do things, through dedication, passion, and integrity.


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ShipShore are at your service 24/7. From sustainable ship management to fleet operations, to our Excellence Maritime Academy, we pride ourselves on our reliability.



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Bespoke service

Every client is unique; every project is unique. The result is world class service.


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Experienced team worldwide

We have a wealth of experience, with consultants, advisors, and technicians all over the world to satisfy your needs.

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Zenith Expeditions

A range of cruises available to the Arctic and the Antarctic. Explore awesome Antarctica, glorious Greenland, and incredible Iceland with Zenith Expeditions.



Fleet Operation Centre

We can manage your fleet, and ensure the smoothest and safest running of your shipping operations possible. From ensuring your ships are compliant with port regulations to tracking position and arrival times, we will take care of it all.

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Excellence Maritime Academy

Does your new shipping operation need staffing with competent, well-trained crew members? The Excellence Maritime Academy produces seaworthy, capable staff to help with logistics, catering, hospitality, and cleaning.

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ShipShore are a dynamic and experienced team of marine consultants, with experience in providing reliable and cost-effective ship management for shipping, cruise line operators, and fishing fleets.

For reliable, safety-conscious, sustainable ship management, contact ShipShore today

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